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Your story is always being told. We extract and nurture the essence of your story and help you to share it.

Helping our clients shine


We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning.

Our Services

Educational Resources

Content Development & Creation

Video Services

Production & Post Production


Strategy & Communication


Creation & Project Management


Marketing Plans & Social Media Execution

Book Development

Content Creation & Execution

Full Services Include:


  • Develop Talking Points for Instructor
  • LMS Website Management
  • Workbook Development
  • E-Course Execution
    • Marketing Ad Spend
    • Email & Social Strategy





  • Business Structure
  • Team Dynamics & Conflict Resolution
  • Business Goals
  • Long Term Media Strategy

Video Services

  • Promo Development & Scripting
  • Pre-Production
  • Producing Filmed Sessions
  • Post-Production Services

Book Development

  • Development of Book Structure & Outline
  • Interviews and Transcription
  • Facilitate Ghostwriter relationship & Editing of book
  • Self Publishing Relationships

We’re a team of creatives that love helping you get your message out.  The message is already inside of you and we get to amplify that and help you get it out. We love to add strength to your team and fill in the gaps you have through content development, film production, branding, social media, web development and copywriting! We’d love to partner with you to help the messages that are inside of you be created so that you can continue to connect with your followers.

Holly Brunson

Founder of Enliven Media

We’d Love to Talk with You About Your Story!

Email us at: holly@enlivenmedia.org