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The Time is Now to Rise as a Prophetic Warrior!

 God is inviting you to join a new breed of spiritually enabled prophetic warriors who have been given a set of extraordinary powers. Get equipped to be the hands, feet, and voice of God in every situation! Spiritual gifts aren’t optional, they are necessary. 

In the e-course The Prophetic Warrior, Emma Stark guides you to hear from God, grow in faith, and use prophecy as an instrument of spiritual warfare. Through nine weeks of in-depth biblical teaching, testimonies, and practical tips, you’ll be challenged to rise courageously as a prophetic warrior. 

Your words carry supernatural power to attack the works of darkness. Don’t downsize your spiritual gifts, because you are called to be a prophetic warrior who brings solutions and turns things around! Wake up to your identity as God’s image-bearer and receive the gift of faith so your prophecies break stagnancy and strongholds.  Let your hearing come alive as you give God space to use you incredibly. 

The Prophetic Warrior e-course will stretch you to boldly bring His dominion on the earth and stir you up to eagerly desire spiritual gifts. Learn about the rich and genius ways God communicates, so you can discern His voice and know Him with your mind, heart, and senses.  You will become one who leaps into the impossible and is marked by the miraculous. You signed up to serve an extreme God,

 Are you ready to see Him move in Extraordinary Ways through You?

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9 Video Lessons

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Step into a deeper realization that you are saturated with power from heaven and have received the spiritual gifts to enforce His kingdom on earth. Shed the spiritual numbness and let your hearing come alive so you can be powerfully used by God.


Become those who leap in faith and watch how God will back you up because He’s looking for supernatural spaces to fill. Receive the gift of faith where you rise to God’s faith level and become unshakable in the truth of who God is and what He does.


Awaken to your identity as an image-bearer of God who has been given dominion over the earth. Don’t give Satan your sound mind or empower him by believing his lies, because in Christ you have all authority. Your prophecies will bring liberty to the captives!


Discover your governmental authority as you learn how to use prophecy as a powerful instrument of war. Don’t downsize your spiritual gift, but let God stretch you to bring Holy Spirit strategies and supernatural solutions.


Get stirred up to eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy and discernment of spirits so you know the source of the information you receive. Stop praying unnecessary prayers, because the Spirit of God dwells inside of you, enabling you to perceive His ways and walk in extraordinary power!


Become one who fellowships with the Spirit as you learn to steward greater measures of seeing in the spirit realm. Become whole and integrated as spirit, soul, and body, so you can become increasingly aware of the opinions and perspectives of God.


Gain practical tips to develop a lifestyle of revelation where you daily practice hearing and releasing God’s words and ways. Strengthen your prophetic muscle and find your voice by using it.


Learn about the diverse ways God speaks, so you can recognize His voice and learn His language. Get to know God through sensory experiences, because Jesus longs to be known by more than just your mind.

Emma Stark
Emma Stark is a prophet, speaker, and church leader who operates with authority and authenticity to give clear and direct prophetic input to leaders, churches, and ministries around the world. Together with her husband, David, she founded Glasgow Prophetic Centre with the goal to “listen to God more and help others do the same.” Together they’re equipping the body of Christ to better hear from God and to apply His revelation to transform lives, communities, cities, and nations.

She’s the author of Lion Bites, The Prophetic Warrior, and Freedom From Fear. David and Emma live in the heart of the historic city of Glasgow with their three children, Jessica, Peter, and Samuel.

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Your Prophetic Words are an Instrument of War!