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Watch, learn and be equipped to press into God’s voice of counterintelligence against the enemy.  



During these powerful sessions, John will help you build your arsenal of weapons for the spiritual battles in your life. 


Individual Workbook

A downloadable workbook that activates you to find victory and receive God’s blessings, along with powerful prayers to break the lies of the enemy in your life.

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The devil has a plot, but God has a plan for your life!

The enemy will do anything he can to hold you back from your purpose in Christ. By identifying your target and choosing the right weapons for each and every battle, you can live like the “special ops” God has equipped you to be.

In this new, 8-week e-course, you’ll be empowered for victory in every spiritual battle you encounter. Through his spiritual testimony, profound biblical insights, and powerful, prophetic words, John Ramirez will walk you through how to build your arsenal of spiritual weapons so you know exactly how to respond when the enemy attacks you—which tools to pick up and how to aim at your target with accuracy. It’s time to step into your heavenly calling and take back the territory the devil has stolen.

The enemy’s goal is to keep you from walking fully in the Lord’s blessings and destiny for your life.

Now is the time to say YES to God and live the life you were destined for!

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8 Video Lessons

Activations and Tools

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Individual workbook

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01: Who’s Shaping You?

The concept of “special ops” is a powerful way to approach spiritual warfare. As you understand what role allegiance to God plays in conquering the unseen forces of the spiritual realm, you’ll be encouraged in your intimacy with God and your pursuit of His calling over your life. 

02: Overcoming Fear

The enemy has a lot of schemes to hold you back from your destiny. One of his most powerful methods is fear. Learn why the enemy needs you to live in fear to keep you in bondage and how you can effectively protect yourself and renounce the forces of darkness.

03: Don’t Shack Up with the devil

Gain a deeper understanding of how our small, daily decisions impact us spiritually. You’ll learn, step by step, how to divorce yourself from sin and renounce any ungodly practices that could be holding you back from God’s purposes.

04: What is Your Role in the War?

Special ops are effective in their assignments because they know their assignment and how to accomplish it. Develop a deeper understanding of your role in battles against the enemy and gain new strategies for aligning your words with your actions to cultivate a deeper spiritual maturity.

05: Strengthening Your Inner Man

Glean simple but powerful new strategies for strengthening your spirit so the devil can’t convince you to give up on your God-given destiny. When your inner man is revitalized and nourished in the Spirit, you can face any struggle you come up against, in Jesus’ name.

06: Winning the Battle at Night

It’s crucial to be aware of potential night-time attacks from the enemy. It’s a powerful tool of the devil to harass you. Learn practical strategies for strengthening your spirit man while you prepare to go to sleep and new tools and fresh encouragement to fight the enemy of your soul. 

07: Counterintelligence

The devil’s number one goal is to destroy you, and he doesn’t operate without a detailed plan. Learn how he sends the forces of darkness to study your routines, habits, beliefs, and struggles. Gain the weapons you need for coming against the enemy and guarding your purpose in God.

06: Winning the Ultimate Battle

John imparts a fresh sense of hope to believers facing spiritual attack. You’ll learn why it’s so important to stand back up when you’ve been hit, how you can tune into God’s design for your life when you feel lost, and, most importantly, how to rebuild your faith along the way.

John Ramirez

Evangelist and teacher John Ramirez is passionate about equipping believers for their spiritual battles because he’s experienced the realms of darkness firsthand. Raised in an impoverished ghetto neighborhood, John dedicated his life to the forces of darkness — until God intervened and saved him, literally snatching him from the grips of hell. 

Now, John is dedicated to discipling sons and daughters of God to engage with victory in their own spiritual battles. Through his powerful testimony and teaching, John equips believers around the world to understand scripture and walk in intimacy with God so they can resist the lies and schemes of the enemy.

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Take back the Territory the enemy has Stolen!