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Let’s talk about WHO the course is for…

The “Not-Yet” Author

You’ve considered and possibly even dreamed of writing a book but haven’t actively and consistently put pen to paper with a plan. (I’ll help you get started and keep going!)

The “On-Your-Way” Author

You’ve started writing but haven’t had the know how or confidence to get it finished, published and a printed copy in hand. (It’s time to get serious and make your dream happen!)

The 1-Book Author

You’ve written, completed and published your first book, but it was an excruciating experience that you never want to do again. (Don’t quit now, I bet you’ve got more book in you!)

The Experienced Author

You’ve written multiple books and consider yourself an experienced author, BUT, you’re always wanting to learn and continue growing your writing skills so you can reach and impact more people with your message. (I can’t wait to see the future books you’ll write)

Here’s what’s inside

01: Why Should I Write a Book?

Learn what kind of book is in you, why you should write it, and how to reach your ideal reader. Your story is significant and your message needs to be heard!

02: What Should My Book Be About?

Get the number one questioned answered – what should my book be about? Havilah debunks this question and more by getting straight to your core message.

03: Why Can’t I Start Writing?

Overcome the obstacles that keep you from starting the book you’ve always dreamed of! Learn what is holding you back and how to move forward.

04: How Do I Start Writing My Book?

Create the environment you need to produce the quality you want and get serious about committing to a writing schedule that works for you.

05: How to Start My Book?

Construct an outline that leads you all the way to the finish line! You no longer need to feel cluttered in your thoughts or blurry for the big vision.