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Watch, learn and be equipped to move forward in power & glory to advance the Kingdom. 



During these powerful live sessions, Michelle will give you practical tools to help you step into your calling. 


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A downloadable copy of The Esther Anointing and a workbook that activates you to embrace your femininity to influence and love others.

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It’s time for God-fearing, love-motivated, demon-conquering women to move forward in power and glory, so they can shift society and advance the Kingdom. The Esther Anointing equips, activates, and trains you to walk in the fullness of what God has called and designed you to do. 

Join the company of modern-day Esthers that are moving forward in power and glory to shift society. In this e-course, you’ll learn how to boldly pursue your calling and walk in the confidence, wisdom, and humility that marks a godly woman.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Awaken to God’s assignment for your life
  • Identify the spiritual giants that try to stop you from moving forward 
  • Be empowered to rule and reign using the authority God has given you 
  • Step out of your comfort zone and leave fear and old labels behind
  • Use your voice in boldness and take risks in faith 

Go on a 6-week journey to seek God for divine strategies for your destiny and conquer the fears or beliefs that try to hinder you, so you become unshakable in your belief in God and His purposes for your life.

God is raising you up for such a time as this!

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6 Video Lessons

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E-Book of the Esther Anointing

Individual workbook

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01: Where are the Modern-Day Esthers

You don’t design your destiny, you discover it. God wants to awaken your heart to the divine destiny He has for you, so you can receive the power, favor, and authority of God you need to walk in this calling. Embrace your vulnerability in your femininity while clothing yourself in strength and dignity. God has an assignment for you! 

02: Made for More

Do you feel like you were created for more? That’s the beginning of a great awakening inside of you. Be empowered to hear the voice of God in the area of your awakening. Any area that was complacent, hardened, or insecure will be transformed. Let God write your life story and live according to your book of destiny.

03: Identifying Your Giants

When you begin to move into your promised land, there will be many adversaries that try to stop you. But, greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world! Michelle outlines the different spirits that are working against women, so that you can stand in your authority. Learn how these spirits affect your choices and belief systems so that you are no longer blindsided by the schemes of the enemy. 

04: Embracing the Process

God moves in patterns and processes because He is committed to our growth. Discover why you need to embrace the process to allow God’s character to radiate through you. Michelle explains how this season may not be easy, but it’s vital that God puts His finger on anything that would stop you from moving forward. You will be ready to carry the weight of His assignment for you.

05: Prayer & Fasting

Align yourself with God’s plan and purposes through prayer and fasting. Set aside time to fast and pray to receive His strategies for your life. Unify your heart with God and allow Him to show you the way. Learn to rule and reign with the scepter of prayer, because the enemy can’t stop you when you pray the word of God.

06: Equipped to Rule & Reign

Your calling is not a destination, it’s a journey that comes in cycles, times, and seasons. Get empowered in this last session to take everything you’ve learned and apply it to your life. In Jesus, you can change what the enemy tried to distort in your life. It’s time to rise up and express the authority of God with extraordinary boldness in your speech, courage in your actions, and faith in your decisions.

Michelle McClain Walters 

Michelle McClain Walters is a teacher, mentor, author, and international minister who uses her strong prophetic voice and apostolic spirit to set lives on the course God ordained for them. She has traveled to over 55 nations and countless cities in the U.S. to release strategies to advance the Kingdom of God and activate thousands in hearing the voice of God. She has a passion to empower a generation to exercise the authority of Jesus in every area of life and to be trained to fulfill their destinies in the earth.

She has dedicated her life to partner with apostolic leaders to build churches that bring a regional and global impact. She’s the Director of Prayer Ministry under the leadership of John Eckhard and the Charisma House author of books like Prophetic Advantage, The Esther Anointing, The Deborah Anointing, and The Anna Anointing. 

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